Monday, July 25, 2011

Why hello again!

So I have been gone quite a while by this stage so thought this little update was well needed. I initially started my blog as I wasn't due to start working until September and really wanted to spend my Summer off getting into the world of blogging and give me a good reason to buy yet another lipstick, for blogging purposes of course.

However, I was given the opportunity to start working two months earlier and the possibility of splurging for 2 months more in the Summer had me convinced! :-) so I started working at the start of July and I'm due my first paycheck on Thursday and I cannot wait. I have a HUUUGE wishlist forming and I cannot wait to start buying. My next post will definitely be my wish list and then a huge haul to follow :-)

You may have noticed that my other blog posts have been removed! I accidently deleted them when I set up my Google Plus account as I didn't realise they were connected! D'uh me! haha!!

Hope everyones Summer is going well and expect lots more posts now that I am settled into working :-) and I'm also giving my blog an overhaul in the next few days! what ye think of my new name? Felt it suited me a little more! hehe!!